Read, Annotate and Share What Matters

Starts from USD 3.33

Level Up Your Reading Experience with Markup Pro

Turn your device into a portable reading gadget.

Text to Speech (TTS)

Read out web pages, PDFs, and ebooks with natural sounding voices.

Multimedia Note-taking

Diversify the way you annotate - inserting links, images, audio clips and capture screens.

Auto Summary Generator

Save time reading large articles and efficiently find the focus.

Advanced PDF Editing

Merge and split pages, watermarks, create flattened PDFs and more.

Encyption & Passcode

Encrypt your files and set up passcode to lock the app access.

Kdan Cloud

500GB Kdan Cloud storage to backup your annotations and files.

Choose the Plan that Works Best for You

Markup - Basic Plan



Applicable on iOS devices

ic-detail-markup-basicBasic annotation tools with signature and stamp creator
ic-detail-markup-basicTake control of your PDF file with BOTA mode
ic-detail-markup-basicHighlight and collect web articles as your own
ic-detail-markup-basicCollaborate with your group on Team Clipboard

Markup Pro

$ 3.33/ month

Save 50%. Billed annually at $39.99


Applicable on iOS devices

ic-detail-markup-mainAuto Summary generator<br/>(Applicable on web and iOS)
ic-detail-markup-mainText to Speech (TTS) reader
ic-detail-markup-mainInsert hyperlinks as your annotation
ic-detail-markup-mainAdd images as your annotation
ic-detail-markup-mainMake audio notes
ic-detail-markup-mainCapture screen as notes
ic-detail-markup-mainMerge and split PDF pages
ic-detail-markup-mainImage and page extractor
ic-detail-markup-mainAdd and remove watermarks
ic-detail-markup-mainCreate and share flattened PDF files
ic-detail-markup-mainSlide show mode
ic-detail-markup-mainEncrypt PDF
ic-detail-markup-mainApp lock

Creativity 365 for Individuals

$ 4.99/ month

Save 50% when billed annually at $59.99


Applicable on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows devices

ic-detail-c365Access to advanced features in other Creativity 365 apps including NoteLedge, Write-on Video and Animation Desk
ic-detail-c3651TB Kdan Cloud storage
ic-detail-c365Applicable on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows 10 devices


How to activate my subscription?

After you complete your purchase, please open Markup on your devices. If you have already logged in with your Kdan ID, please log out and log in again to refresh the subscription status.

How can I get the education offer?

We offer volume purchase plan for students, teachers, and school staff only. Please fill out the form in the Creativity 365 Education web page to verify your school information. Or contact us at to learn more about our education offer.

What's the difference between Markup Pro and Creativity 365?

Markup Pro is applicable on web and iOS devices, whereas Creativity 365 works on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows 10. You can access complete features in Animation Desk, NoteLedge, Markup, and Write-on Video with Creativity 365 subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Please log in your Kdan ID and check “My Order” to cancel your subscription. Please note if you have subscribed via in-app purchase, you should manage your subscription in your Apple ID, Google Play account, or Microsoft account.

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